Officially Down Under

Hi from Australia!

After about 24 hours of travelling I made it to Melbourne. The flights actually weren’t too bad, from Vancouver to Sydney the plane was only about half full…so pretty much everyone had a row to themselves. It was so nice to be able to stretch out. I didn’t sleep too much but was comfortable at least, and got to watch lots of movies.

The first couple of days of my trip have been pretty low key. On Saturday I went and watched my first Australian Football game. Although I didn’t really know what was going on it was pretty fun, and a really sunny day. Since then the weather has basically been crap, which hasn’t made it too easy to do much.

On Monday we were planning on heading into the city but there was so much rain some of the roads were flooding! After spending the afternoon watching a movie the sun came out so we headed for a drive to Arthurs Seat Lookout. It was a great view but super windy up there. We stopped at a few of the viewpoints and then took more of a scenic route back to Frankston for dinner. It was nice to finally see the ocean and stop at the beach…even if I was freeeeezing!



Hard to get a good picture in gale force winds…

I’m definitely thinking I should have brought a bit more warm clothing. I don’t really want to buy any because my backpack is already so full, and after a couple of weeks down here in Melbourne I’ll be heading into warm weather. I’ll just have to suck it up and wear the same outfits quite a few times…2 longsleeves and a couple of sweaters is totally not enough.

Tuesday we did finally make it into the city and I’ve got lots to share about that!