Shiny Weekend at Sparkling Hill

What a great weekend my last weekend in Canada has been!

After doing my last hair client on Saturday morning I headed over to my friend Callie’s to get ready for a quick little going away party. It was so much fun to see my friends before I head out on my trip. We made lots of appies and snacks and had a great night playing games and drinking lots of wine. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take any pictures, except for before the party when I was making cupcakes.


Slaving over Funfetti box cake mix 🙂

Sunday morning it was time to take my mom out to Sparkling Hill Spa, just outside of Vernon, about an hour and a half away. My sister Erica and I got my mom a night there as an early Mother’s Day present, since I’m going to be away by the time Mother’s Day gets here. Sparkling Hill is definitely one of my favourite places to spend time, so I was very excited for the night!

I started out my day there with a relaxation massage, it was good, but since I do tend to get very sore shoulders and neck I really prefer my regular massage therapist, but that really isn’t as relaxing as this massage was. After the massage we all met back up, my mom had gotten a massage as well, and Erica got a body scrub. The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool and then having a great dinner. The next morning after breakfast and a little bit of reading by the pool we all had spa services done again, pedicure for my mom, facial for me and a massage for Erica. Sadly after that it was time to head out, one night at Sparkling Hill is just not enough time for me!



Could spend hours reading here! 



I had the crab cakes as an appetizer and they were amazing


All in all it was a great send off weekend!