12(ish) Apostles

Last Friday Matt and I made the journey from Frankston to the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell National Park. This is was something I have been looking forward to since I first started thinking about coming to Australia. The weather finally turned nicer for the weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to spend on the coast. Finally some sunshine! (I think it might have done this since I actually bought some warm clothes last week)

The drive up to the park took about 3 hours on the way there, we took the highway instead of going up the Great Ocean Road to save some time. I get pretty bored during car rides if I’m not driving so I was probably a little bit annoying haha. The scenery was a little bit different than I was expecting, went through lots of farms and some cute little towns. When we got closer to the park it was a lot more forested.


Once we were finally at the park it was a quick walk down from the parking lot to the viewing areas. I knew it would be gorgeous but it really took my breath away how beautiful it was. It wasn’t too busy with people, but I would definitely say we were the only people speaking English. They have a couple of different lookout areas and you get such a great view from all of them. One mistake I made was wearing a dress…keep that in mind when you go down there. It was very windy and I think I may have given a few of those tourists a bit of a show…whoops!



Once we got our fill of the view there we popped into the visitor centre to use the washroom and take a peek around, it was mostly just a little convenience store with snacks and coffees. From there we headed back down the road to Gibsons Steps, it was probably only like half a kilometre down the road. I’m so glad we went there because you can actually walk down to the beach and get a different view of the Apostles. It was a pretty easy walk down the stairs and so worth it.


After that we headed down the Great Ocean Road. I didn’t realize how windy it was, wouldn’t want to take that trip if you get motion sickness! It was a great scenic drive to Apollo Bay, where we stopped for lunch at a little pizza place with a great patio. Then it was time to head home. The drive back took about 4 hours, there was lots of traffic going through Melbourne. I was really glad to get out of the car when we got back…little too much road trip for one day.

If you’re in Australia don’t skip the 12 Apostles, it was well worth the trip and I’m so happy I got to see it, especially on such a beautiful day.



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