Australia Packing!


I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time so far figuring out what I need to pack for Australia; my other trips so far have been more of a throw something on over a bathing suit type of packing, which I find a lot easier! Since I’m not sure how long I’m going to be gone and I’ll be in a few different temperatures this trip is proving to be a bit harder! I do want to be mindful of packing light (or at least as light as I can, I’m certainly not a pack everything for months into a carry on kind of person).

One thing I want to mention is packing cubes! These things are seriously a life changer, especially when travelling with a backpack. Being able to keep some bit of organization while travelling is such a help. I generally try and pack like things together, a cube of bathing suits and underwear, a cube of bottoms, etc.


These packing cubes make a huge difference on organization and space saving!

I did get a new backpack for this trip, finally one of my own! I had borrowed a girl friend’s the last two trips but I invested in one from MEC this time. I’m super excited to use it, finally not having to pull everything out of the top of the drawstring bag is going to be awesome. I got this bag on a recommendation from Jacqui, who I’ve travelled with before. I was always envious of her bag and she had nothing but rave reviews for it!


Very full backpack! 

Here’s what I’ll be bringing with me…

2 pairs of leggings (will wear 1 pair on the plane)
1 pair of jeans
Runners (will wear these on the plane too)
Flip Flops


I ended up not packing the wedge sandals, ran out of room in my bag!

1 pair of jean shorts
2 pairs of cotton material shorts (live in these!)
2 pairs of Lululemon workout type shorts


8 dresses


10-14 shirts
3 sweaters


1 light windbreaker jacket
7 bathing suits
Underwear & bras & socks


and finally all my toiletries, which take up so much room!

Now just to wait until it’s time to head to the airport and a few long flights and I will be in Melbourne!



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